Our dual objective is to capture your emotions in different ways

Valentina Glorioso/Rori Palazzo: two professional photographers with consolidated artistic and professional background. Their education spawned from the Academy of Arts and developed further by specializing in visual and communication languages, through stage and backstage photography working on several cine-television productions and also in the field of graphic design. They both had their works shown in expositions of their own and both participated to various photographic festivals both in Italy and abroad.

Their respective experiences converged into one shared objective, this is how in 2015 DUE Still wedding photography was born, a project dedicated to the production of photographic sets whose main goal is to create an innovative concept that lays the road to a different way of storytelling weddings.

Rather than the classic style of the photo-memory, The photographers here aim to have a more dynamic approach to the photo-reportage, an approach that plays on the dialogic comparison of two photographic styles that, by completing each other, ultimately gives life to a captivating and participated storytelling.

The panoramic frames and the close-ups, the wide shots and the angled perspectives, the out of focus, the details: The style of Valentina Glorioso and Rori Palazzo opens the ways of a narrative based on images that includes a cinematographic trait. The researched composition of the ambience’s stages blends with the empathic and descriptive sensitivity towards the subjects, captured as if in one still-frame. In their photoreportage images, cinema, literature and contemporary frescos blend altogether in a spontaneous prose which is full of aesthetic intuition and lacks of artificiality.

DUE Still wedding photography offers much more than photo sets, it’s our passion, it’s an always developing project, a work-in-progress in which you are the main actors”


Every wedding is a story where the word Two is the main character. It’s a caleidoscope of emotions and moments to be composed by two narrating voices, a continuous bounce inbetween two points of view.

Our dual objectives – photographic and aesthetic – aim to the scene and to the off-scene, but also aim on the dialogue by the distance made by stages and counterstages. For us – since we are two – is a creative swing that on the moment of the official rite weaves together the intimate and informal glimpse of the backstage and mixes the vitality and the spontaneity of the off the record to the elegance of a defined schedule.

Every bride and every groom are narrated in a peculiar way, in their unique individuality and also in their “being two”. However, our attention is not centered only on the main characters, but is also directed to the places and to the secondary characters to capture gazes, gestures, splinters of humanity and participation that altogether offer a more intense and multifaceted portrait of every couple.

Every wedding is different and therefore is different our way to capture it: different the couples, stories, places, friends, the affections, the atmospheres. We blend in each of these, shot after shot, pulling out narrations that are amusing, romantic, delicate, passionate, heartbreaking, unpredictable. Always different, out of the ordinary.

We follow you in your already selected places, in Italy and abroad, wherever your wedding will be celebrated, in the flexible option of the Destination wedding, ready to give you our best performance for the best of results. As well, we offer our services, experience and professionality also if you come from out of Italy and you actually chose the Belpaese as the privileged location for your unforgettable day.

“From the cinematographic set to the location of your wedding, from the theatre to the intimacy of your most intense portrait, from the photoreportage to the tasty tale of a very special day the gap is really small, actually, for us is an immediate shot

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